Entertainment services

The utmost enjoyment, in a holiday village with entertainment in Rodi Garganico

The right kind of entertainment, which is always engaging and never intrusive, is the perfect recipe for the most wonderful seaside holiday. The younger staff members who collaborate with us have the right know how in order to tackle both the younger children as well as the older ones, by getting them involved, according to their age, in creative workshops, sports tournaments, group dancing classes, shows and many other events.

A camping village with a mini-club

The mini-club is definitely one of the things that are preferred by families, especially by Mum and Dad, considering that in this way, it is possible for their children to play in complete safety while finally they are able to enjoy a little relaxation, peace and quiet.

Our mini-club looks after your children in the morning, in the afternoon and yet again in the evening, by entertaining them with live shows performed in our amphitheatre.
Follow the Stella del Sud (The South Star) in order to reach the beauty of the Gargano area!
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