Foresta Umbra Nature Reserve

In this area, there is not only the sea, come and discover the greenery and the nature in the Foresta Umbra Nature Reserve located in the Gargano area

In the central-eastern of the Gargano area, the Foresta Umbra Nature Reserve covers an area of approximately 400 hectares encompassing the municipalities of Vico del Gargano, Monte Sant’Angelo, Vieste, Carpino and Peschici.

Its name could be misleading for some: in reality, it has nothing to do with the Umbria Region; on the contrary, it derives from the characteristics of its vegetation that is extremely thick and dense, many shady (ombra) areas are created, after which it takes its name - Umbra.

Extremely rich in flora and fauna

Reaching up to 800 metres above sea level, the Foresta Umbra Nature Reserve hosts a very wide variety of animal and plant species; for this very reason some of its areas have limited access to mankind, with the aim of protecting and safeguarding the inhabitants of the Forest.

Of all the extremely surprising plant species  that you can observe, the “Zappino dello Scorzone”, an approximately 700-year old Aleppo pine  (this can be found in the area located between Peschici and San Menaio), the Cerro di Vico (Turkey Oak), situated opposite the sanctuary of St. Francis in Vico del Gargano, that is said to be approximately 400 years old, as well as having a 5-metre trunk circumference and the Patriarca della Foresta (Patriarch of the Forest), a beech tree with a 2-metre trunk diameter and which is over 40-metres high that can be found in the Dispensa district are all worthy of mention.

Typical animals that can be found in the Foresta Umbra Nature Reserve worthy of mention include the species of roe deer that originates from the Gargano area.

Naturally, there are also a great many birds, including woodpeckers, eagle owls, tawny owls, sparrow hawks, passerines, thrushes, cuckoos, hoopoes and many others.

During the night, it is possible to see badgers, martens, foxes, porcupines and dormice.

The Carpino Folk Festival

Among the municipalities of which the Foresta Umbra consists, Carpino is worthy of mention, where in August, a great event is held, the Carpino Folk Festival. This initiative aims at preserving the heritage of popular Italian music and it always hosts famous guest stars and it attracts many young people who come from all over Italy.
Follow the Stella del Sud (The South Star) in order to reach the beauty of the Gargano area!
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