Gargano National Park

The Gargano National Park is an oasis that is only a stone’s throw away from the sea.

The Gargano area is one of the richest territories from the point of view of landscapes and natural reserves. With its almost 120 thousand hectares, it is one of the vastest protected areas throughout Italy and it includes ecosystems which are very different from one another.

The diverse aspects of the National Park

Just think that in the vast area of the Gargano National Park we can find very different aspects such as:

Spontaneously-growing orchids

Many tourists dream of visiting the Gargano National Park for its great many species of spontaneously-growing orchids. In fact, just think that here there are more than 80 different species, belonging to 17 different families; this is a nature lover’s and botanists’ paradise!

Outdoor sports

Thanks to the several paths that have been created within the Gargano National Park, you can practice many sports, including trekking, mountain biking, orienteering,  horse-riding, birdwatching and speleology (the most typical kind is Gargano area).

Follow the Stella del Sud (The South Star) in order to reach the beauty of the Gargano area!
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