Rodi Garganico

While approaching Rodi Garganico you might happen to be welcomed by a sweet scent. It is the zagare, the orange and lemon blossom, pride of the Oasi agrumaria del Gargano (Gargano citrus sanctuary).

Sightseeing in Rodi Garganico

In addition to its beautiful setting, Rodi Garganico will also introduce you to its historical heritage.

Make sure you are around during the Rodiano Carnival, with its float parades - and you must come to the Orange Festival in May, for a stroll among the citrus stalls, sampling handcrafted sweets, marmalade, and liqueurs.

Nature and freedom:  ready to welcome you in Rodi Garganico for your holidays!

Follow the Stella del Sud (The South Star) in order to reach the beauty of the Gargano area!
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