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Following the footsteps of San Pio from Pietrelcina

San Giovanni Rotondo is one of the most famous locations within the Apulia region, as well as an incredible place of worship for thousands of pilgrims who come from all four corners of the world.

In fact, this is the very place where Padre Pio lived and preached and here his holy remains are kept.

The Church of Santa Maria delle Grazie and the Monastery of Padre Pio

There are many things to see in San Giovanni Rotondo. A visit to the Church of Santa Maria delle Grazie and its monastery where the famous friar lived and preached is an absolute must.  The religious complex consists of the Monastery of the Capuchin Friars, of an ancient church and a new church where you can find a crypt in which  the remains of St. Pio from Pietrelcina rest.

The Church of Padre Pio

The increasing number of pilgrims who came to and who still arrive in San Giovanni Rotondo has brought about the building of a new, much larger church which is suitable for the celebration of great events in memory of the Saint. The project, carried out by Renzo Piano, one of the most famous Italian architects, has brought about the creation of a church measuring approximately 6,000 m2, capable of hosting 7,000 people.

The Church of San Pio, which, due to its size and shape has also given rise to some controversy among various critics, is an incredible piece of work that certainly gives you yet another reason to visit San Giovanni Rotondo which is only 45 km away from the Stella del Sud Camping Village.

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