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Are you in Apulia or in the Magna Graecia? In the amphitheatre you can enjoy yourselves and be astonished

What is an amphitheatre doing on the Gargano coast? It’s simple: it livens up your evenings. In fact, among the many services that can be found in the Stella del Sud Camping Village, there is also an authentic amphitheatre. This does not recall the history of the Magna Graecia as it is the venue where our entertainment staff organises lively evening events.

Every evening you can expect to experience a different event: ranging between karaoke, cabaret, musicals, theatrical representations, group dances and much, much more.

The amphitheatre is also used for afternoon entertainment, including various courses, (dances, aerobics, bingo etc.).

Therefore, why don’t you choose the Stella del Sud Camping Village from among the holiday villages with entertainment in the Apulia region: entertainment and relaxation for the entire family are guaranteed!