While approaching Rodi Garganico you might happen to be welcomed by a sweet scent. It is the zagare, the orange and lemon blossom, pride of the Oasi agrumaria del Gargano (Gargano citrus sanctuary).


In addition to its beautiful setting, Rodi Garganico will also introduce you to its historical heritage.
The historic center overlooks the sea and has houses that are narrow to each other, rising up almost overlapping.

  • Monuments
    You should see the Bell Tower of the Church dedicated to St. Nicholas of Myra; the Sanctuary of the Madonna della Libera (Our Lady of Freedom); the Aragonese Castle and St. Barbara, a medieval church restored in 1645.
  • Traditions and folklore
    The most important festival, devoted to Maria SS. Della Libera (Our Lady of Freedom) and to St. Christopher, is held in early July. Rodi Estate (Summer in Rodi), organised by Rodi Garganico Council every July and August, features music shows, drama, film screenings, concerts, exhibitions, and festivals.
  • Rodi Garganico Marina
    Rodi, now one among the leading tourist resorts in the Gargano area, owes part of its popularity to its new marina, opened in 2009. It is the closest to the Croatian Islands (Pelagosa is just 30 miles away), and makes a gateway to the Tremiti Islands (18 miles).
    The port, with roughly 400 berths, was designed according to bio architecture criteria and boasts all the latest technology, including Wi-Fi and video surveillance, along with a wealth of other amenities.

Make sure you are around during the Rodiano Carnival, with its float parades – and you must come to the Orange Festival in May, for a stroll among the citrus stalls, sampling handcrafted sweets, marmalade, and liqueurs.

Nature and freedom: ready to welcome you in Rodi Garganico for your holidays!