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Do you have difficulty in choosing between the blue sea and the green natural areas? The Gargano area is a location where you don’t have to choose

There are countless ideas as regards trips to go on in the Gargano area. Those who wonder what there is to do and see while on holiday in Rodi Garganico and the surrounding areas, are spoilt for choice, as this is an area which is characterised by both its great biodiversity and by its thousand-year history.


Just think that in the vast area of the Gargano National Park we can find very different aspects such as:
  • Jeep Safari Who says that you need to go to Africa to go on a safari? Book your jeep tour and visit the Gargano National Park in this thrilling way!
  • Sea Caves The Gargano area is characterised by Karst phenomena that you can enjoy just as much in the dolines (the most famous is the Dolina Pozzatina (Pozzatina Doline), the second largest in Europe) as in the caves. By following the coast right up to Mattinata, you will be able to admire countless sea caves characterised by incredible colours and ancient legends.
  • Lakes The true spirit of the Gargano area flows from its lakes, fascinating tourists that come from the North. Lake Lesina is rather shallow and is separated from the sea by a thin strip of land. This represents a special ecosystem where there are plenty of migratory birds and eels. If you go a little further east, you will find Lake Varano which is a little deeper and it is extremely large. Nearby, you can still find the remains of an ancient rocky fishing village. Also here it is possible to practise birdwatching, especially in order to see the Coot, an aquatic bird that is typical of this area.
  • Spiritual tourism
  • The Gargano area is the favourite destination for the pilgrims who come to the sanctuary of Saint Michael the Archangel (Monte Sant’Angelo) and who go to the Church of Padre Pio (the sanctuary of San Pio) in San Giovanni Rotondo.
  • Archeologia This area has been inhabited since the Palaeolithic Era, this is the reason why there are several places of archaeological interest. For example, the following places are worthy of mention: the Paglicci Cave in Rignano Garganico; Manaccora in Peschici; Molinella in Vieste and Mount Saraceno in Mattinata.